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Neo Eclectic™                     Prh/PRH

The HOT new emerging musical genre:
Neo Eclectic: “music for the 21st Century” [iTunes Review]
…a melting pot of genres with a contemporary twist.

1 A musical format founded on computer advances in hardware and musical software in which a composer and producer are afforded an unbelievable varied pallet of sounds and instrumentation, coupled with the ability to sequence and essentially word process a piece.

2. The result allows for compositions that span a wide variety of musical genres and sounds and even mixes them within a track without the otherwise attendant impractical budgetary and logistical constraints.  Composers are free to choose and mix genres and instrumentation and to produce a professional sound quality product and all at the touch of our hands.

3. The musical format resulting is truly eclectic in nature but with a rich contemporary twist:  Tracks which represent different musical vignettes, each taking the listener to another musical setting, yet in the length of a commercial track.  Specifically, these new capacities allow for the liberal mixture and interweaving, cross culturally, of diverse musical genres, styles, voicing, textures and shadings into multi-dimensional combinations both within a particular track as well as throughout each work. The result is a unique confluence of diverse musical elements presenting listeners with an interesting and exciting new musical format.  Genres span such types as Classical, Jazz, Rock, World, New Age as well as mixing time periods and instrumentation.  It is this mixture that best represents “Neo Eclectic ,” a melting pot of genres in current context.  While the old “eclectic” usually encompassed known pieces just mixed, “Neo Eclectic” presents compositions with this new twist taking the eclectic nature far beyond and into many diverse musical environments, allowing listeners sonic odysseys.

This ability to move around both culturally and temporally allows for much more diverse presentations which we believe may have broad appeal to the current listening public as an alternative to the present commercial musical formats and tracks in which performers try to “brand” their sound.

4. Digital Distribution allows easy and inexpensive worldwide exposure without the necessity of using commercial corporate media outlets. Illustrative of this fact, note that currently the entire Prh/PRH/prh musical archive is available on most Internet music clouds such as iTunes, Facebook*, Amazon, Verizon as well as Spotify, Deezer and Jango*. Many, such as Facebook and Jango, include comments by the Composer, Reviews and Fan Response.

5. Supporting this hypothesis generally is the fact that Western Culture is hallmarked by a perennial avant guard i.e. requiring adaptation to constant change. Likewise our sound environments in every day life vary considerably.

6. Test market of “Neo Eclectic” format and tracks through Played to radio audiences worldwide for 7 months: CD “World”. Response from thousands of fans of Prh music, hundreds of a) positive comments on music and musical format varying in detail and b) direct fan email addresses. Particular note was made of this new musical format as different, interesting, exciting and appealing in various listening contexts: At work, “decompressing” on way home from work, while reading, at dinner parties, and with headphones in Concert etc.. Fan base is worldwide split equally between genders and having significant appeal to those 24 years through 65 years.

Examples as reprinted from profile page:
Notable Comments on Prh Neo Eclectic Format and Compositions:

“Love this relaxing music. Beautiful chords. Thumb up ”

Tranås Sweden
“ I’ve always had a crush on this kind of music! And I still have after listening to Prh. Thx, for sharing! ”

“Love it…the world needs music just like this: inspiring, creative, cultural, human…”~Enaoma

“I love it” exceptional musicality with traditional instruments & new! new age & new music!  Good luck – Arigato Gosai Masu!  Rick_844

“Yes!!!! I had to run back into my office to see who was playing…just awesome…more please”~Cooktbook

“Love the sound. soothing, dreamy, spirited.”~Area374

An intriguing combination of old and new instruments and styles.  Its refreshing.”~Dranke, Greensburgh PA

“Great music, a worthy contribution to peace within and without.”~Froger
“Spirited enough to stay alert  soothing enough to stay calm all at once!”~LMoore

“I really like your music  it’s a tradition I’m not used to, so for me that variety is very refreshing. I like the storyline in your song.”~BZRosewood, United States,

7. Current “personal radio stations” as in Radio Airplay and Pandora reflect diverse musical tastes in many listeners which are mixed by Pandora and Radio Airplay for each. That mixture represents the appeal of this approach in its simplest form.

8. Prh tracks have generated worldwide Internet sales consistently since the release of the first CD in 2004 [now 14 CDs/Albums].

Overall the “Neo Eclectic” genre presents listeners with tracks approximating the length of most commercial tracks, yet offering a very different experience, one which focuses on melody drawing from very diverse musical elements. Whether listening to this musical format on Internet radio, in a concert hall or on a home system or just as background, it allows for interesting, appealing and unique listening experiences.

Since the introduction of tracks of this New Genre to the listening audience in 2004, response has been consistently positive, confirming the broad appeal of this musical  format. It has generated an enthusiastic Fan Base, Worldwide, & equally of all ages and genders.  Spotify now offers the entire Prh musical archive.

Neo Eclectic Cross Currents

This Prh album presents the Neo Eclectic™ genre through the lens of an Ocean with its varied currents crossing and mixing such diverse pieces into a cohesive listening experience.

The Mix then offers a musical ride of true variety founded on melodic base, yet in the length of a commercial track.  Presented here is a diverse, unlimited and often unique mix of genres and instrumentation, each track evoking a visuality based on listeners’ personal life experiences and knowledge.

This Album, the 14th in the Prh Concert series, is intended as a further illustration of the creative options offered composers by the addition of the computer as a musical instrument with full production capacity, as well as distribution with relative ease, and, here, spawning a new musical genre.

Since introducing this Neo Eclectic format to the commercial public in 2004, it has been well received, now having a considerable following worldwide, and is available on most popular Internet music sites. See for links to some of those sites, as well as reviews, fan and composer comments…

And as always…a big thanks to our loyal fans and listeners for their response and encouragement in this effort.  It has been a great ride with you, and we hope you all enjoy and find this work another “Musical Odyssey”.

And … feel free to let us know what you think – your opinions matter!