Fan Feedback

Some Fan Comments of Note:

“Love it…the world needs music just like this: inspiring, creative, cultural, human…”

“I love it” Exceptional musicality with traditional instruments & new! New age & new music! Good Luck-Arigato Gosai masu! ”

“yes!!!! I had to run back into my office to see who was playing…just awesome…more please”

“Love the sound. Soothing, dreamy, spirited.”

“Made in PA ~ I Love Blossoms, Sisters, Harp Set and Scottishness for my Best Jango Girl Power Friend 4 Life, Kathleen. All Sweet ‘n Cool Songs!! Family 1st and Sharon, PA Girl Power 4 Life!”
~Sweet Kirsten

“Great blend of a celtic flowing with almost a new age approach”

“Much to my wife’s chagrin, your music caused me to start dancing around the house.”

“a Special Ed Teacher that hates to be stuck indoors, but ‘Scottishness’ just gave me the feeling I was out in nature and all its wonder!!! Love it!!”

“good decompression music on hte drive home from work”

“I heard the piece ‘Asian Winds’ and I think it’s outstanding! It’s understated, soft, but distinct in what it’s portraying. I am definitely adding you to my channel. :)”

“An intriguing combination of old and new instruments and styles. It’s refreshing.”
~dranke, Greensburg, PA

“great music, a worthy contribution to peace within and without.”

“spirited enough to tay alert, soothing enough to stay calm all at one!”

“I really like your music. It’s a tradition I’m not used to, so for me that variety is very refreshing. I like the storyline in your song.”
~bzrosewood, United States

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